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about abah-world

Abah-World offers procurement efficiency, affordability, convenience, and pricing regularity to diverse buyers of farm-fresh foodstuff by aggregating the outputs of smallholder farmers and fast-moving consumer goods companies and selling them directly to our customers via our unique omni-channel retail operations. Our vision is to become the one-stop shop for farm-fresh foodstuff in Africa that addresses the logistical and infrastructural gaps in the food value chain across Africa.

Many people will tell you "Retail is Detail". At Abah-World, we believe "Less is More". Our aim is not to become the largest retail store in Nigeria with the broadest selection of products. We started Abah-World to provide the right selection of top quality foodstuff to you through our no-frills, fairly priced, locally-sourced, and unbeatably convenient shopping model.

Who Is Abah-World

  1. Abah-World understands that the margin between price and value has to be very thin. The price you pay should be as close to the value you get as possible.
  2. Abah-World is right a lot. Even if we makes a mistake, we own up and fix it quickly.
  3. Abah-World has integrity. You can trust us.
  4. Abah-World understands basic numbers. They can easily estimate in their head.
  5. Abah-World loves farmers.we relishes the opportunity to spend time on the farm, to understand the products, to learn from the farmers, and to respect the effort that went into the cultivation/rearing process.
  6. Abah-World staffs rolls up his/her sleeves to get work done. No task is beneath a real Abah-World. You will NEVER hear him/her say "that is not my job". Abah-World is NEVER too posh to help.
  7. Abah-World NEVER cheats a customer, supplier, the company or another stakeholder. We are the eyes, ears, nose, hands, and legs of the customer. Hence, we NEVER deliver faulty orders. We would rather spend more to satisfy the customer than lose his/her trust.
  8. Abah-World learns and improves.
  9. Abah-World can sell. We understands our role as the access channel a farmer has, to a food-loving market.
  10. Abah-World does not put personal gain above the common good. We understands that money is the means of exchange for value, and that if they provide enough value to a willing and capable customer, money will come.
  11. Abah-World NEVER compromises. They find better solutions.
  12. Abah-World is a leader of one. We operates with globally-acceptable standards of quality, service, integrity, and professionalism.