Black Dress- The Ever Convenient Choice

The Color Black holds so much significance as it is a fashion uniform that you can hardly go wrong in. Today, a black dress is seen as that classic wardrobe staple that grows out of necessity, owing to the fact that it beats any major fashion rules because of its versatility.

Although, Black has its mysterious part; as it is been typically associated with the unknown and the negative. Yet, the strength, seriousness, power, and authority that a black attire exudes is next to nothing, especially when styled in a way that matches one’s occasion.

Below are the merits that make the black dress the most convenient choice:

It flatters every skin tone

No matter the skin tone you have, be it fair, olive or dark; Black always comes out sleek and classic on any skin tone, making it so easy to be considered as your best choice when in doubt at all.

It is figure-flattering

Tom Ford Gucci; once said and I quote:

Style is very different from fashion. Once you find something that works, keep it.

So is the color Black on anybody’s shape, it always comes out timeless and alluring on everyone depending on the style.

It allows you to experiment with various colors of accessories

With Black, you can wear any color of accessory such as nude shoe, red clutch, silver statement necklace and so on…

It works for every season

A black dress is the quintessential classy outfit for any season, be it rainy, winter, spring or dry season, Black outfits always does the magic.

Dressing in the right color like Black; is an easy way to look good, feel good and co-ordinate your wardrobe to make you look simple and elegant. Especially, when teamed up with the kind of hair-do and makeup that leaves you to shine like a diva.

Stay Cute!

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Nice write-up, i have of recent found myself liking the all black combo. But why only females on display? We guys deserve some “blackness” too.
Great job!

Awnnnn…thanks Samson, we apologise for just limiting the post to females…

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