Common Clothing Adjustment You Should Know

Nothing can replace the expertise of a professional tailor in altering those worn out cloth of yours; since its obvious that the best amendment would be done by them. Yet, there are a number of reasons while it’s wise to learn simple tips in mending your clothes yourself.

Whether you’re interested in sewing towards making your own clothes, or you just want to take care of the clothes you already have; Since you never know when that perfect pair of trendy pants will be just two or three inches too long or when your favorite jacket will mysteriously lose a button.

Thus, making us bring to your fingertip; Basic skills that will help you fix your clothes and edit them to fit you better.

The common simple alterations that we experience in our clothing are:


If you’re short, chances are you’ll have to hem something at some point. Whether it’s a dress, skirt, or pants; you want to make sure you have it all put together to your perfect fit. To effectively do these; needle, tape rule, the thread that matches the fabric, iron, scissors, and pins are essential.

The pictures underneath will guide you through;

Ripped Seams

These is the most common problem that happen with just about any type of fabric from low-end to high-end, and it can really be a frustrating obstacle to encounter, the tips below will put you through on how to mend it.

Replacing Buttons

Though, one of the best ways to change the look of a garment is to fix in new buttons; but it could also be a challenge if you get to lose one of the buttons of the garment. Nevertheless, fixing it will be easy with the steps below:

So with these tips on adjusting the common alterations in your cloth, you shouldn’t be so quick to donate or dispose of any of your damaged article of clothing; knowing that many of them can be repaired, and the good news is you’re certainly able to do it yourself at home with no cost.

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