Fashion Faux Pas

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Have you ever heard of the phrase: “FASHION FAUX PAS”? If you’ve not, then we’ve come to introduce you to what it entails.
Fashion faux pas is typically known as the fashion errors we commit in the name of blindly following fashion trends or those ones we commit when we feel we don’t care what fashion has to offer. The amazing thing about fashion faux pas is that even the most stylish among us have been guilty of committing it at one point or the other. So if I were a fashion police at a red carpet of a glamorous event, what are the common fashion faux pas that I think people mostly make?
They are:

    • Accessory overload
    • Wearing too much of one colour
    • Too tight or too baggy cloth
    • Mixture of two patterned fabric print together
    • Wearing squeezed cloth
    • Dressing like a teenager when you haven’t been one in a decade
    • Putting on a leggings with a small top.
    • Visible bra and so on

Lets take you through the pictorial view of some of them …

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