How to transition from a relaxed hair into a natural hair

relaxed hair to natural hair

While the transition from a relaxed hair to a natural hair texture is usually a beautiful and empowering experience; it can also be a real struggle. Simply, because of the process and the time it takes; which spans for some couple of months or years depending on the texture of our individual hair.

And since the styling of natural hair has come in really handy and cute recently, the urge to want to transition has really been tempting to lots of young ladies…
More reason why we have brought you simple methods that could guide you on your transition from a relaxed hair into a natural hair.

The Big chop Method

This is when one cuts off all the relaxed part of the hair so that they end up with a small afro or a very close shave that grows afresh without the use of any relaxer for a short period of time.
It is considered one of the fastest ways to start the natural hair journey. Though it’s definitely not a requirement for everyone, but its therapeutic role in the whole transitioning phase is very tremendous on the hair.

The Protective Hair styling Method

This is where one stops relaxing the hair and allows it to just grow naturally. But, since these takes a long time, the protective hair styling method comes in handy, i.e. a process where women can make hairstyles that would last, (such as braids, weaves, or twists) to protect their hair from too much manipulation and damage during the transition phase.

The Moisturizing Method

This method is diverse as it can be carried out in diverse ways… But a very common and productive means involves the use of oils, such as avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and cooking oil. They help in softening the hair to make it fluffy for transitioning.

The Heat Protectant Method

If you’re looking to completely straighten your hair while the transitioning from a relaxed hair has begun, then, a great heat protectant is key. And these involve hooded hairdryers, straighteners, and other hot tools in a low setting so as not to damage the transitioning natural hair.

Many salons offer hair consultations and sells hair products that aid a proper and healthy transitioning that would be helpful for your unique hair type…

So, Harness them well…

We care

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