Old School Styles That Are Coming Back

Like everything in life, fashion evolves; and since its trends are so relatable and exciting, it can be picked up from where you long left it. By this I mean, styles in the ’90s are slowly making a come-back in our times. New angles are daily added to the old stuff we long wore, partly because our tastes changes and every generation draws inspiration from past generation’s fads that come and go. Are you curious to know the old school style that would soon find their way into your wardrobe in a matter of time? Well… Here are a few: Shoulder Pad Dresses As funny as these dresses look on its wearer; the exaggerated hourglass figure that it gives is next to nothing. But unfortunately, they got a bit out of control in the ’80s, However, it’s our belief that when they come back to trend, it’s excesses would have been more figured out to give that chic and timeless look. Choker Necklaces Chokers were the trendy neck accessory in the ’90s, and almost everyone wore them. They will soon be back and this time, it will be cuter and ecstatic. Mules Mules are half-shoes or half-slipper worn in the ’90s, they … Continue reading Old School Styles That Are Coming Back