Perfect Styling Tips For Skin Tight Dresses

Have you ever found yourself in a perfect skin fitted dress that fits you like a glove and makes you look like a diva?… But then, you turn around and see your thick panty line peeking through the dress thereby ruining your look…

Does this sound familiar?

If yes, then we’ve brought you basic styling tips that would not only help you rock your skin tight dresses well, but will also help you embrace the uniqueness of its huggy form-fitting nature.

Skintight dresses, which are also known as “Body-conscious (body-con) dress” are figure forming pieces, that flatters the shape in a unique way thereby causing attraction and admiration by onlookers or better still(your husband)…

But, aside from the sexy feature known with skin-tight dresses, their purpose still spans way beyond these, because some event and occasion require it; making the styling tips essential.

Below are a few:

Tip 1

Wear Thick and Textured Fabric

When it comes to wearing skin-tight dresses for corporate events, then jersey, silk, and other lightweight materials are not your friends, because they appear too smooth and clingy for that purpose, instead, save them for looser silhouettes, and opt instead for thicker and more textured fabrics, which will serve you better.

Tip 2

Opt for Dark Colours

Perhaps you are quite skeptical about skin-tight dresses, you could opt for dark colors instead of light colors if need be that you must wear them.
Deep colors like red and purples are cool for classy events, while navy, brown, dark grey and black are the best choices for corporate purposes.

Tip 3

Find the Perfect Underwear

Visible underwear straps can ruin any well-fitted outfit, and to avoid these, its important to choose the right underwear. There are multiple styles of underwear for all range of skin-tight dresses, such as Boy shorts, Strapless bra, Seamless panties, Shape wears, Slips and Thongs, which are all alternatives for the commonly worn strapped pant and cotton pant which eventually disrupt the sleek feel.

Tip 4

Rock them with Kimonos

Kimono jackets are here to stay! And can go on almost everything especially tight fitted clothes. To cause less distraction as a result of your figure-flattering skin-tight dress, a lengthy kimono jacket will come in handy. Only, ensure you pair a plain fabric skin-tight dress on a kimono that has prints on it.

But, asides the above styling tips, there’s something else you will need that is even more important because it is something you have to wear from the inside out; which is – CONFIDENCE

With confidence, you don’t have to be ashamed of your figure, shape, dress or size as much as your purpose for dressing is for BEAUTY, PROTECTION AND FOR COVERING

Stay Cute!

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