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Services & Operations

Our Operations

Abah-World will operate a proprietary order fulfillment network. That system, created at Abah-World, allows us to deliver orders to you (our esteemed customers) within 24 hours.

Abah-World's order delivery system already understands that our customers are busy and highly-engaged professionals. Hence, our delivery technology provides for delivery windows that allow customers to specify (within allowable constraints) when they want to receive their orders.

When an order is placed via Abah-World's website (www.abahworld.com), we will inform customers about the expected shipment time and the expected arrival time of their orders

Abah-World will allow customers to buy in-store, order online and receive wherever they are or order online and collect in-store.

100% Quality Guarantee

If Abah-World delivers a faulty order - wrong product, damaged/contaminated product or stale product (which should never happen), the customer will have the right to claim a refund, which shall be arranged within 24 hours. Since that would have been our fault, the customer will also be allowed to keep the faulty order (FOC) if they want to.

Return Policy

  1. There shall be NO RETURNS on fresh.
  2. Returns shall only be possible for fresh if the produce received differ from those in the product description.
  3. Refunds shall be processed within 24 hours.
  4. The customer shall contact customer service ONLY to discuss returns.
  5. Delivery personnel shall not wait for customers to check orders before they leave. All complaints should go to customer service.

Customer Service Line +234 803 794 0026, 234 706 137 8207