Stylish Work Outfits

To those who work in an office, I am sure you can relate to the fact that figuring out different outfits to wear for five days in a week is quite a challenge. And in a world where the term “office-appropriate” is mostly associated with corporate wears that are usually dark and neutral in colors, one would then wonder if there can be some infusion of colors and style in the basic office clothing pieces.

Yes, the list of classy, stylish and trendy office wear for your daily eight to five schedule at work is endless…

Here is a few inspiration you can always work with depending on the flexibility of your work environment…

Printed/ Plain Midi Dress + Heels

That period when you’ve got zero time to get ready in the morning, neutral color or a bold printed dress and wedgy heels will get the job done for a corporate office look in a short time.

Corporate Gown and Heels

To ease out from the popular concept of having to wear suit always, you could still play around light-colored skirt suit or pant, or better still, opt for a corporate gown that would still give you that suit feel stresslessly especially when complemented with heels.

Turtleneck and Midi Skirt/Pant

When you don’t want to do the conventional collared shirt; Turtle neck comes handy because it projects the same smart look that you would crave for, and mixing it up with a midi skirt or Pant is dependant on the style of the turtle neck you choose.

Bomber Jacket and Skirt/Pant

For that casual Friday look, a sporty bomber jacket that hits right below the natural waist and a knee-length skirt or pant will add spice to your look at work.

Blazer and a Denim skirt/Pant

This is a combination that will provide a polished appearance that is ideal for a casual Friday and other days you feel like mixing corporate with a touch of casual. Just ensure your denim is not too tight, and balance the look with a high heeled wedge or other corporate footwear.

Knowing you can bring personality, character, and a sense of fashion to the office without compromising your professional polish is very key. And now, is that time to infuse your work wardrobe with a new flare of stylish outfits because you can’t underestimate the power of a good outfit on the day when you don’t feel like going to work

Stay cute!

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