What does Fashion mean to you

I sat down to write an answer to a question that came to mind;

“What does Fashion mean to you?”

Then I realized that beyond my answer, Fashion means something different to everyone. So, I decided to talk to people from different careers, vocation and geographic locations and then the answers I got were so fascinating because, everyone somehow had their own answer to this question, in which a careful look at their answers all came together to create something pretty and amazing that is worth sharing…

Fashion is how you speak with your appearance, not your mouth…

Temi Crownfit

“Fashion is an expression of style which attributes clothing or behavioral pattern.”

MideTush Bespoke

“Fashion means that my nakedness is covered and my cuteness is enhanced, I’m looking good confidently and quite modestly doing so.”

Ola Eliseus

“Fashion is giving expression to the streams of creativity within.”


“Fashion is a physical expression of me…”


“Fashion gives expression to things that cannot be uttered because words cannot expressly and sufficiently define somethings.”

Mary Ann

“Fashion is a way to express myself without saying a word. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and I feel so happy😍😍…”

Jumoke Oyewo

And finally, all their applaudable contributions brought me to the conclusion that “Fashion is an everyday art that expresses our individuality and personality.”

So, Don’t be into trends, rather be a “Dignified You” via your style.

Kindly drop your answer to this question in the comment section and enjoy the incredible combination of answers that will make you relate to fashion more.

Thank you.

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Fashion is letting your appearance do the talking..

Wow…so intelligent of you Debbie…Thanks alot

Creative write-ups always. This week’s post is mind blowing. Greater heights God’s Jewel

Thanks gbenga…this means so much to us.God bless

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