Beauty of Sleeves

beautiful flared sleeves

How important is sleeve to a cloth…someone may ask?… Oftentimes we come up with a new style, but its just like we keep repeating the same kind of sleeve when we are to sew it, making the style appear like the usual ones we have in our wardrobe…
I feel the constant aso-ebi and owambe gangs will relate to these faster…
If you ask me, I will say; you can get away with a not-so-good-looking neck design in your cloth, but when it comes to the sleeves, it really has to be good enough, because it has the power to turn your style around radically.
Many sleeve design has been swept under the carpet because of the rising trend in fashion, but nevertheless, you could still slay with them in a rather much creative way…Let’s take you through some of them.
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