Beauty Vs Virtual Beauty

In the midst of the pandemic and the current lock-down situation, some of us have become so absorbed in the social and cultural allure of the “Virtual World” that the supposed transition of ease that it’s meant to offer us, has threatened the very structure of our lives.

Beauty standards from the onset have been known to possess a constantly shifting nature that is highly contagious to its lovers. However, the ever-widening gap we notice between how we want to look and what we actually see in the mirror has fueled the innovation of the virtual beauty concept.

BEAUTY” is meant to be an inner experience that translates into wonderful expressions of attributes that are praise able and capable of winning the hearts of people.


VIRTUAL BEAUTY” entails the use of beauty apps to produce artistry qualities that are capable of altering oneself in order to look more beautiful.

But the question is; How can one create a balance that does not make true beauty lose its relevance during this growing phase of technology?

1. Acceptance

Getting back to the basics of simply accepting who we are is fun and wonderful, and also a subtle way to free ourselves from the low self-esteem that might occur via spotting the beauty of popular models and celebrities whose beauty are purely virtual than physical.

2. Awareness

Nothing beats the awareness that we are a bundle of value and not slaves to technological innovation around us. So, regardless of the high rise of virtual beauty all around the social media platforms, we are to go a step higher in using these initiatives uniquely as a means to an end not an end in itself.

3. Appreciate

We are the only expert that can appreciate our beauty than there can ever be, and if we forfeit that role, then a huge part of our potential and asset would be lost.

Technology will keep bringing to our doorstep easy access to beauty options that would foster our look out there, but the fight to ensure it does not take the place of our true beauty is a worthy cause.

Go for substance not packaging…

You are Beautiful!

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