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Ever look at your closet and think, “Wow, I only own black clothing!”? Well, you’re not alone. Many people unconsciously gravitate toward the black, white, and gray pieces in their closet, because they aren’t exactly sure on how to style a bunch of different colors…But fear not! We have come to help you out on that; just follow these steps to master your color mixing skill so that your everyday choice on what to wear will always create you a vibrant new look.

  • Use your prints: One of the best ways to combine colors in your outfits is to have good knowledge of fabric print. Take a look at the different colors which make up the print of your choice cloth and match your other clothing items to them. For example, if you have a largely red and blue paisley print on your blouse you can choose to wear some block red shoes and blue pants with it.
  • Know your jewelry: Since accessories are very important when combining colors, mixing cold colours such as yellow, nude, brown, blue, green and pink with silver accessories and warm colors such as wine, red and orange with golden accessories will be a very creative choice to make.
  • Have a good basic wardrobe: There are basic clothes which are used to combine colours, such as a white and black shirt or T-shirt. They are general colors that go with almost anything, so having them as your building color in combination is so perfect.
  • Be careful of blue jeans: When you are thinking of how to combine colors, jeans can be a great fashion staple to consider especially if they are black or white. However, blue jeans can complicate things as they have different hues and tints which can affect your overall look.
  • Wear your shoes and bag in the same color: It is not at all compulsory, but if your choice cloth is of a single colour, combining the shoes and the bag may give a fun touch to your outfit because it will stop you from looking too plain.

You will be able to make do with the clothes you have in your wardrobe when you understand these skill of combining colors.
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