Suitable Styles For Ladies With Bulging Belly

Do you want to hide your belly and still look fabulous with your styles?

Then this article is for you, as we have brought you style tips and ideas on how to stylishly cover up a tummy.

Tip 1

Pay Attention to Color, Fabric, and Pattern.

Styles with single-color are your best choice in hiding your belly bulge especially when it’s a dark color; as it really makes you look more fit. However, the cut of the style is still the most important thing, which is why we would advise flowy fabrics that ain’t plain but patterned to have their cut done vertically and not horizontally because it creates an illusion that you are taller and more fit.

Style Idea 1

  • Dark or Single Colored Ruffled or Peplum Tops.
  • Vertical Pattern Shirts Or Dresses.
  • Pleated Skirt And Plain Tops.

Tip 2

Avoid Styles With Decoration in the Belly Area.

To prevent belly bulge in our style, we must as much as possible avoid choosing styles that have trims, embroidery, or any embellishments at the belly area. Instead, it’s advisable to concentrate these decorations on other places in our style that you want the eye to go. For example, If you want to flaunt your long legs instead, you can opt for a layered top paired with fitted leggings with nice flowery patches and so on as you choose…

Style Idea 2

  • Exaggerated Sleeve Dress with Fur Detailing.
  • Checked Print Neckerchief with a Dark Colored Peplum Dress.
  • Draped Sleeve Wrap Dress.

Tip 3

Embrace Layering.

Layering is another technique that magically hides it all away, shifting the focus anywhere else aside from your tummy. It works pretty well as it involves putting another piece of cloth on a smaller fitted one in a stylish and complementary way that in turn gives a significant effect that makes you look taller in its truest sense.

Style Idea 3

  • Plaid Shirt with a Tank Top.
  • Knee-Length Dress and a Cowl Cape that extends through the Waist.
  • Blazer or Kimono with a shirt on Trouser.

Finally, for very special occasions where you want to look completely flawless, you might need special compressive underclothes that would completely hide the bulge in your belly giving you that perfect fit to rock any kind of style you desire.

Stay Cute and Adorable

You are Perfect!

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