Dealing with materialism

In a world where almost everyone works to buy things that make them more attractive, happier and better; There still seem to be some sort of unsatisfaction in ourselves, so we tend to buy more and more with the hope of satisfaction; but the failure to reach our expected desire, makes the whole cycle continue…

Does these paint a picture of you?

If yes, then we’ve brought you simple ways to deal with “materialism” as it concerns everyone at certain points in our lives.

Materialism is an attachment to material possessions, that overly makes us place more value on natural things than on other things than enhances true value.

As regards to fashion, Materialism forces us into comparison with the possessions of others(such as clothes, bags, shoes, hairs and lots more…) Thus, causing a race that crudely propels us into some kind of pursuit that reduces our self-esteem when we are unable to acquire these things.

Being materialistic has nothing to do with a person’s character because it’s effect is similar to food to our body when we overeat at times.

The following will help you come out of materialism when it seems to be taking a toll on you…

Work on your Mind

Since materialism is more of a mindset thing that dwindles with time, then you need to arm yourself with the knowledge that more money and more stuff are no certainty to enhancing your wellbeing if you haven’t worked on your mind that your true value spans way beyond your possession.

NB: Even a poor person can be materialistic without a proper mindset.

Know What You Want

Proper planning is key in helping you deal with materialism. So, before you go to the store to purchase your item of interest, make a detailed list on the essential things you want to buy, and as soon as you are done, don’t window shop, instead, leave the premises immediately.

Watch Your Appetite For the Media

Completely staying off the media can be an unattainable plan to consider. Nevertheless, learning to watch our response on those items that tickle our fancy when we flip through pages of magazines and Instagram adverts are essential than ever, because the increasing urge to buy things comes from all directions, therefore serving as bait for us in dealing with materialism.

So, Living a less materialistic lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to become a monk or abstain from all of life’s pleasures. It just means shifting your focus away from possessions so they become less important to you in comparison to what really matters which is: “Living More Minimally And More Purposefully“.

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