Do you understand Fit in your Cloth

Understanding Fit in Clothing - Cover Image

You know how you feel when your clothes aren’t quite right? You put them on, thinking they look OK – not great, but then, you spend the day pushing up your sleeves, tucking in the hem of your blouse and yanking your waistband.

What makes the difference is “FIT“.

Considering fit in clothes doesn’t necessarily mean suffocating in a slim fitted cloth when you are over-sized; Instead, It means wearing what works for you, that allows you to breathe without getting lost in your cloth.

Three classifications are commonly used when considering the fit in a cloth. They are:

Loose Fitting

This is when all you see are a pile of clothes walking on their own and you need to send out a search party to find the person within. Ok, that’s extreme – But essentially, we’re talking about, a lot of unnecessary room in your clothes, like a billowy shirt and over-sized pants, bulky or extra large sleeves that are too long such that they start to cover the hand. Some loose fitting cloth have their advantage though, but when it is overly baggy, its fit is ruined.

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Tight Fitting

Here, Clothes like these simply look like wearing a second skin because its allows people that looks at you  envision every rise and fall in your breath. These can be noticed when sleeves, shirts, bust or hips region are  so tight that they pull or wrinkle. 

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Perfect Fitting

This is where the clothes conform to your shape with just the right amount of room to let you breathe without any form of bulkiness. Characteristics of these kinds of cloth are the dresses that  ease you the freedom to move unrestrictedly during the day’s job.

Its key to note that there are some loose fitting dresses that still come out well depending on the cut or the creativity of the personality wearing it.

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With these knowledge, it’s important you put a conscious effort to the fit of your cloth so that never again will you be uncomfortable with your cloth or your look.


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