Dressing Guidelines That Says “No” To Rape

Every day we all are presented with the opportunity to examine our behaviors and beliefs because more often than not; our response to the situations around us is solely a product of the way we think, speak, and move in these worlds; in which rape isn’t exempted.

While the contexts of rape may differ from the norm, the fact that it is rooted in our belief system, power, and control makes it an atrocity almost anyone who isn’t mentally careful can commit.

But for people who strongly believe that when a woman gets sexually assaulted or raped, she contributed to it via what she is wearing, then this post could serve as a guideline to keep us in check so that we won’t be cheap prey to the rapists around us.

Guideline 1


Experts say there are two things a rapist looks for when he tracks a victim: opportunity and vulnerability. And a dressing that gives room for the consent of these two things can be a way forward for the rapist. So, a quiet affirmation in our mind that doesn’t depict consent via our dressing to a rapist could be loud enough to communicate a distance between you both.

Guideline 2


The relationship between dressing and sex is inarguably real; as the dressing has been a cue to several sexual information and sexual violence recorded in the past. However, understanding that every woman can wear what they want and shouldn’t be attacked still stands true. But regardless of individual freedom of choice, it will be unwise to despise the relationship that our dressing has with rape. Therefore, we still tell our young girls to pay attention to what they are wearing while we also teach our boys not to abuse.

Guideline 3


One of the important purposes of dressing is for security, i.e. the ability for our dress to prevent us from the external exposure that could be harmful to our health and wellbeing. But, regardless of the protective purpose that our dresses play, it has been obvious that there is a need for intense enlightenment as to ladies securing their private body parts and not exposing it; all in the name of fashion. Thus, certain protective responsibilities are imperative for us to take if we must excuse dressing as a cause for rape.

It’s in our hands to inspire ourselves and the future that lies ahead of us via interpreting the above guidelines into fashion staples that we wear every day. So that together we would be responsible enough to say “No” to rape right from our mentality down to our dressing.

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