Dressing Tips for Virtual Meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has thrust many of us into new realities. Realities with words like “distance learning”, “virtual classroom”, “live chats” and so on. And as a result, it left many of us with the craving to do everything necessary to adapt to its new demand.

To help guide us through this unique reality, we’ve put together few dressing tips that would ensure our virtual meeting is a success.

Tip 1


Just as we wouldn’t want to show up in an office meeting with pajamas on, all in the name of simplicity, so should our dressing be; for a virtual meeting… “SIMPLE AND APPROPRIATE”.
However, we can relate to that with our outfits, hairdo, jewelry, and make-up is going to be a thumbs up to present us well to our viewers.

Tip 2


Dressing comfortably for a virtual meeting is next to nothing because it has the ability to put us and our viewers at ease during the specified time frame. Note that comfort shouldn’t only be seen in our outfit, but also span to the workspace we are using for the meeting; as this will create an undivided focus for us.

Tip 3


Virtual meetings put a lot of concentration and focus on our face, hair, makeup, and jewelry. So, it’s key for us to put a professional finish to these places as they are important elements that project professionalism. Also, Overly bright or extremely dark colors, Colors of outfits that are too similar to that of the background, Busy patterns, such as stripes, animal prints, or plaid, Heavy make-up, Dangling jewelry or Unkempt hair-do, all affect negatively how professional we look like on camera.

Always remember that

“The better you look, the better you feel. The better you feel, the better you exert and enhance the confidence needed for viewers to flow with your information during virtual meetings.”

Stay cute!
Stay safe!

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