Dressmaking Tips That Makes Sewing A lot Faster

Dressmaking is that art which involves the sketching of dress designs, making patterns, cutting fabric pieces and sewing them together to achieve a specific style suitable to the client or owner.

It is a growing hobby with high popularity around the world in these 21st century. However, this art would continue to remain rewarding for dressmakers whose clients can wear their works with pride; knowing it’s not only Beautiful but was “Efficiently made with regards to time”.

And these factor will only come to play when as dressmaker’s we come to terms that; we need to learn some sewing tips and tricks that would not only make our work beautiful but also fast as our current generation demands it.

The following are the few tips that would guide us through achieving a beautiful result within the shortest possible time.

Tip 1

Implore the Use of Multifunctional Sewing Footers.

These is considered to be a life savior to any dressmaker as it serves as an attachment used in sewing machines in order to add different functionalities to it. Unlike the basic pressing feet which comes with a sewing machine that performs a mere straight stitch, a multifunctional sewing footer comes in a set of 32, 42 or 52 and can be fixed into the presser feed of our machine to perform its unique functions that includes zigzag stitch, overcast stitch e.t.c which together adds beauty and ease to our sewing that saves lot of time.

Tip 2

Learn the Art of using Woodburner for Cutting Appliques.

There are no certain rules for cutting appliqués out of laces as far as cutting is concerned. But considering efficiency as a dressmaker, using a scissors to trim out appliqué can be time taking and stressful, so a better option available to a dressmaker is the use of a woodburner or soldering iron as they both get hot enough to melt the borderlines of tulle surrounding the appliqués on the lace to give it a perfect finish within the shortest possible time.

Tip 3

Pre-Wind Thread Into Your Bobbin Before Sewing.

Nothing slows your vibe while sewing than realising your bobbin thread is exhausted…So to save time, it’s advisable to wind enough bobbins with the thread you are using for your project before sewing.

Tip 4

Use Weights Instead of Pins.

These could possibly be the perfect gift for a dressmaker who wants to finish cutting projects on a slippery fabric within the shortest possible time. This is because slippery fabrics like chiffon, organza e.t.c by nature are not easy to cut without proper positioning; and using a pin to keep them in place could smear the fabric. So, weights that can serve the purpose of putting these fabrics in place while other cutting activities are going on is a whole lot for a dressmaker to desire. They come in various forms and can be gotten from store where pattern items are sold.

The lesser time it takes while sewing, the more we tend to enjoy the process of seeing an idea form into a highly desired garment everyone wants to own…

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Thank you so much ma’am, this is very helpful. I couldn’t just scroll by without saying that.

Thanks a lot, Jumoke, I am glad that you found this piece very helpful, stay tuned for more.

Thanks for the ideas ma’am ..learnt something new today.

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We are very glad to be of help, Stay tuned for more

Enlightening! Thank you! Will try out some of the tips

Thanks so much for sharing, you imparted a lot to me, God bless you

Thanks so much for sharing, you imparted a lot to me, God bless you

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