Elegant or Sexy?

Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in our appearance or manner.

While the word Sexy; is used to describe someone or something that attracts a lot of interest and sexual excitement.

These two qualities in our society, largely describe every attractive person out there, either man or woman.

However, a higher percentage of our society has been programmed to believe that sexuality in women is of more attraction, thereby downplaying their quality of elegance, and has thus created a vague illusion that has left women open to all sorts of abuse and disregard of their true worth.

The following tips will guide you in making fashion choices that would embrace elegance over sexually provocative fashion choices…

Own your Style

Looking up to some pop stars and reality show personalities for style inspiration has made us more of copy cat’s than our style icon. And since style should reflect the real you to your world, then its time to start owning it above every other.

Crave for True Beauty

It’s quite unfortunate that we live in an era of exhibitionist fashion which is paraded everywhere including runways. However, Knowing that true elegance is ageless, wholesome and skin deep is unique and enchanting enough to project your true beauty.

Know your Worth

The reason behind lots of sexually provocative fashion choices is due to the fact that most women don’t know their worth. As women, we are pretty, cute, curvy, skinny and sexy… But all these qualities are meant to culminate into the worth of our inherent elegance and not merely our physical attributes.

So, in order to inspire this generation towards the line of elegance over sexy fashion choices, then our imaginations as young people need to be re-directed into the kind of choices that projects our value and moral ethics over anything else…

Keep winning!


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