Fashion and your belief

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It is important to know the influence that your belief system has on the way you interpret fashion. A lot of times, what forms our belief system is our culture; which is made up of factors like society, church doctrine, education, values, norms and so on. And since fashion deals broadly with how we look and what we wear, it is therefore important to have a good understanding on what fashion entails so that in line with our beliefs, all will have its place in fashion, serving as a relevant tool to change the face of our society at large.

Now, what does fashion entails:

Fashion entails dynamism.
In the past, fashion was segmented as just a factor of clothing and accessories, but our local culture influenced it. And now, with the emergence of globalization, culture has revealed how fashion is able to influence our lifestyle via the preference of societal norms that bring about changing trends.

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Fashion has a voice
Our clothes are known to have some form of non-verbal communication that sends messages about who we are, where we come from, what we believe and what we do. Thus, making fashion speak in its own voice that resounds IDENTITY, just like the non-verbal tune we hear when we see someone who is very religious via their sense of fashion.

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Fashion has the potency for acceptance.
Seeing we live in a society where lots of young people struggle to balance their lives between what is expected of them from society, media, peers to what is imposed by culture and family. It is important we know that fashion is a cycle, that should always represent our personal sense of style. These will enable us to explore fashion to the realm of the acceptance we desire wherever we find ourselves…

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