Fashion and your Health

While we mostly mention fashion in relation with confidence and expressing ourselves, we often make mention of the connection between fashion and our health.

And this connection comes to play when the fashion choices for our day to day activity have an impact on our wellbeing either positively or negatively.

Let’s start with the positive impact

Mental Wellness

Our fashion choices if done correctly have been traced to have the potential of empowering both men and women to make them feel good about themselves in a way that can influence their cognitive abilities.
For example, wearing a lab coat could connect with that intelligent and scientific part of us, thereby creating a positive vibe for performance and mental wellness.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness can also be achieved via what our eyes can connect with, and fashion does that well, especially with the art of colors. Light colours are known to invoke a happy and cheerful mood while dark colors are accompanied with gloomy and sad feeling. This is the reason why hospitals are always painted with specific shades that aids the recovery of patients.

Environmental Wellness

Since one of the purpose of fashion is for “Protection”; that means our fashion choices can prevent us from certain environmental hazards prone to our health. For example, wearing clothes whose texture is thick enough to prevent us from certain external factors will aid our wellness either ways.

The negative impact of fashion to our health is seen when our inability to make the right fashion choices can leads us into having a negative vibe, poor perception of ourselves, depression, eating disorders and other deteriorating health issue.

So, feeling good about how you look is what fashion is all about, which in return empowers your health.

Stay Healthy!

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