Fashion Tips for Plus Size People

Fashion Tips for Plus size

It’s an everyday struggle for most plus size people to dress appropriately for their day-to-day activities… Owing to the prevalence of only “slim and petite body type” on most magazine’s cover…

However, Fashion is for everyone and Men and Women of all sizes should be able to express themselves in their individual styles, without allowing anyone to make them feel less of themselves.

So, To rock your unique body size in a more fashionable way; you might need to take note of the following fashion tips:


As a plus size person, you should ensure that your clothes are never too tight nor too baggy. But, one that accentuates your body shape in a way that allows for unrestricted comfort.


Black and other dark colors seem to best color for plus size people; as it gives an illusion of a slimmer body; thus simplifying the bigger body parts.


Avoid wearing cloth with bigger prints. Instead, wear clothes having vertical stripes such that they can create a taller illusion of you, Also, dresses with V-necks are also good; as they distract views from heavy arms and shoulders.


Most plus size women overlook the importance of wearing the right size bra. Thus, resulting in the poor fit of t-shirts, shirts, dresses, and the likes. Whereas, a good fit of your newly purchased right size bra underneath your cloth, will give you a more compact and elegant look.


You don’t have to be a fabric genius to understand the right fabric for your body size. However, it makes sense to know how certain fabrics will behaves on your body before purchasing it. For instance, some fabrics stretch out excessively on wearing. Thus, creating a shaky look of your body during movement, which isn’t good enough. Therefore when shopping for such fabric you may require to properly layer them.

No matter what your size is, Be determined not to let it come between you and fashion, because you are a Bundle of Asset to your world…

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