General Fashion Tips Women Would Love on Men

“It’s true that men subconsciously judge a woman’s personality via her fashion choice and all, but the good things is, so do women.”

Women have certain fashion tastes for men that are capable of not just making them judge their personality but to take pride in their uniqueness…

As a gentleman, you want to pay attention to these fashion tips, and they are:

Tip 1

Well Fitted Clothes.

Women are particularly drawn to men with well-fitting clothes such as suits, pants, jeans, and so on; simply because they reflect the masculinity of a man’s trimmed waist, big shoulders, biceps e.t.c. and these together are factors that command attention and reminds a woman of the protective role a man plays…

Tip 2

The Right WristWatch.

One wouldn’t guess that a piece of men’s jewelry such as a wristwatch would be on top of the list of what women would love on men… But since women love to pay attention to details, the right watch has thus become an effortless timepiece on the wrist that never fails to catch the eyes and says a lot about the man’s personal style.

Tip 3

Stylish Footwears.

Based on men’s shoes, women can interpret a number of things about the wearer before they even start talking.
So, the kind of footwear worth investing on as far as women are concerned should be stylish shoes, sandals or mules with leather suitable to indicates comfort, wealth, status, and class.

Tip 4

A Confident Smile.

A smile is the simplest and cheapest way to make one more attractive and women know these right well. So as much as they understand the place of fit in clothes, colors, and personal hygiene in men, Nothing potentially wins them over than a confident smile that shows no signs of trying so hard.

All these fashion tips are doable with time,money and effort and would definitely bring out the creativity in you afterall…

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Stay Safe!

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