Guys Tips to Looking Good on Shorts

Wearing shorts is a great way to enjoy the heat of the day while still looking stylish without having to always stuff our legs in trousers. Thus, making it a perfect staple for casual events.

It comes in varieties of colors, length, fit, prints and patterns. However, Shorts are by their very nature, revealing. So, in order to ensure we play safe in them, the following tips will make sure what we unveil while on shorts; is worth showing off and allow us to be comfortable.

Tip 1

Excessive pockets that come with most shorts are a no-no; because it makes us look unnecessarily shabby. Instead, we could opt for a short that is minimal yet practical.

Tip 2

For the athletically inclined, you cannot go wrong with shorts, but just ensure your style of short comes with an elastic band at the groin region to allow for easy grip and movement.

Tip 3

One important factor that makes our short come out well on us is the FIT.
“Shorts” as the name suggests, should be short at least to the knee, but should not be too tight at the crotch and thigh region to avoid undue attention of any sort by those admiring our look on it.

Tip 4

Keep in mind what type of shirt and shoes you will be wearing with your preferred short because it will guarantee your overall confidence level. Loafers and sneakers are the best bet to pair with shorts, while a smart rich-toned bomber jacket or Tee-shirt are all the features to think about so that that smart casual look can be achieved.

Since we know that shorts are the answer for a relaxed casual look, then it’s adaptability into our wardrobe is key in making us look fashionable and comfortable even when we’re out on outings to the beach, supermarket or sporting activities.

Stay cute!

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