Hair Styling Guide For Your Wedding

With so many gorgeous hairstyle options, it can really be hard to choose just one for your wedding, and since no two faces are alike, then it means a hairstyle that looks good on someone else might not be suitable for you.

So with these in mind, you should understand your face shape and what kind of hairstyle would look great on you.

But even after understanding which kind of hairstyle will suit your face, the myriad of choices out there can be overwhelming, so we’ve brought you simple tips that would make the task a lot easier.

Match your Hairstyle with your Dress

The formality of your outfit, venue, and general wedding style are great pointers to help dictate the direction to go with your hair styling on your big day. For example, A classic gown with a high neckline will require you keeping your hair away from your face and neck because a loose hair can easily turn into a greasy mess that could stain your dress.
Below are few guides on these:

Consider your Hair length

Your hair length is a simple determinant that can also give you a guide into the kind of hairstyle you should pick because whether or not you are using your natural hair, it will surely serve as a basis for whatever way you intend to style your hair…
However, with the help of a professional hair stylist, several hairstyles that would suit your hair length would be provided, even if you would be attaching buns or weave to it.

Consider Your Headpiece

The choice of whether you would be using a veil, flower, crown, fascinator, comb or other bridal headpiece is dependent on the hairstyle you pick. For example, a wide-toothed comb won’t be suitable for a straight and fine hair, instead of a curly and wavy hairstyle. So, from braided, to curls, braids, twists, weaves e.t.c, let’s not forget that a headpiece statement accessory is always the final finishing touch that any bride needs. 

Thus, No matter what you’ve chosen, always remember that your fiancé loves you just the way you are. So, be sure to enhance your natural beauty and not take away from it, so as to match your wedding theme and of course, your own personality.

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