How much cloth is enough?

how much cloths

Many women and few men struggle with deciding how much clothes is really enough in their wardrobe. They get to hold on to things they don’t wear and definitely don’t love, all because of the “just in case” phrase that lingers in their minds when they feel they might need them someday.
The amazing thing is that there is really no right answer as to how many clothes a person should have in his/her wardrobe; to always appear well dressed, because much of it varies – based on a person’s unique situation. But the good news is that you can come to a reasonable conclusion of how many clothes are enough for you by considering the following:

  • Your work in the office; five days in a week, require several corporate outfits.
  • Your active and varied social life requires different types of fashionable clothing.
  • Your more than one outfit on a given day (e.g. one outfit for work and one for evening activities) requires some simple lounge wears.
  • Your sense of style in a varied climate condition requires some sweaters or light wears.
  • Your mood determined wears that reflects how you feel, requires some classic and simple fashion staples.

And if perhaps you are on the flip side of how you can reduce the clothes in your wardrobe, Here are also a few questions you could probably ask yourself:

    • Is your size or stature relatively stable over time?
    • Do you work from home and don’t really do much job that requires you looking all serious?
    • Can you ascertain the quality of the clothes you intend to leave behind?
    • Have you considered who will appreciate those clothes you are thinking of discarding?

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With all these in mind, I can assure you of having a more simple and friendly wardrobe that wouldn’t demand you stress while considering an occasion…

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