How to Become a Fashion icon

In the era where people love to replicate what they see on celebrities and models…One would ask; why the changing wheel of fashion is so apt as to always evolve more in the direction of these celebrities?…

“Do celebrities own their trend?”

“How do they rock this uncommon styles in such a classy way?”

“Must they always be the icons of current trends and innovation in the fashion industry?”

This and many more questions might have crossed your mind in your craving to become someone who loves to set the pace for people as regards fashion and all it entails…

A fashion icon is a person that is very well known as being highly fashionable. It means being able to set fashion trend and staying stylish with every single detail of what you represent to your world.

Since being a fashion icon culminate into a position of relevance and honor, then it is expected that we pay attention to the process of its “becoming”…

Below are a few tips that would set you on the pedestal of being a fashion icon:

You must learn to stay-up-to-date on trends.

Although trends are changing and evolving, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look back sometimes to appreciate the fashions that have come before. Yet, staying up to date remains timeless in being a fashion icon of our time. So, Instead of just looking up to today’s celebrities for style tips, you could also draw out more inspiration of what your value represents as a person and convert it into a statement of art that everyone can relate with and want to replicate too.

You must be familiar with the other fashion icons.

To consider yourself as a fashionista, let alone becoming a fashion icon; is to be acquainted with those making a statement with their fashion sense… However, in this age, you don’t need to know them physically to take a queue from them, all you need do, is just to be their follower on major social media platforms… and “BOOM” you can start drawing inspiration that of course suits your personality and begin taking charge from there…

You must learn to work towards the “word” you want to describe your look always. 

Taking some time to consider what “look” and “vibe” you want to portray, and always dressing in a way that follows suit; is key in becoming a fashion icon. Some words that describe your dressing; like “cute”, “contemporary,” or “classy” will no doubt always make you exceptional amidst many others.

Becoming an icon takes hard work, passion, and patience, so never give up during the process of your becoming…

Stay cute!

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