How to dress like what you want to become

Have you ever considered the vision of the future you have for yourself?…

The ideal life, successful future, well dressed in a suit and tie and so on…

Yet, we find out how so much time is spent in matching this vision to our dressing as choosing what to wear to occasions often appears intimidating and awkward because we don’t know what to wear or how to wear it; thus creating a look that is rather present that future…

Below are what to do that would shift your wardrobe today to a similar style as the future you.

Never wear something just because other people are wearing it.

Where we individually aspire to be in the future varies, so dressing like others is a no-no, if we really want to look like what we want to become.

Spend some time immersed in your vision

What you see, feel and do often will in no time involve as many sensory details which will begin to reflect in the choice of dresses you pick.

Look at yourself in the vision

This approach is a potent way of stepping into the future and it can be in the dress you wear. So setting the refresh button on your image today may be a key influence to becoming the person you desire.

And since, the problem with appearance is that it translates to performance, then paying attention to dressing like what you want to become shouldn’t be underestimated for any reason as it won’t only help you make the best of your present, but will also help you enjoy the path that leads you to your future.

Stay Cute and Relevant

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