How to Get The Best From Your Tailor These Festive Season

It’s exciting to know that, December is here!!!…Which suggests one thing to us; “That we can finally start getting excited about all the beautiful events that accompanies Christmas”…

But even with the purchasing of presents, putting up of decorations and eating different delicacies of all sort; We can sometimes forget to set aside time to reach out to our tailors on time as to the dresses we would love to put on, for all of our many events…

Whether it’s to a work Christmas party, a family gathering or drinks with friends, or church celebrations; Dressing well for the festive season is potent enough in bringing out the glitz and glamour you’ve always imagined, and if your Tailor isn’t in the best of mood to carry these out for you, then your expected fun can be ruined…

So, it’s time to note the following tips that would help you get the best from your designer…

Send them reminders of your cloth and styles.

Since the art of tailoring is 50% Visual and 50% Communication, then it’s important you give your designer a visual imagery of the styles you have designed for yourself in your mind because words might not be enough to give your tailor your kind of picture…So, do these via communicating your desires effectively.

Give them time for Fittings.

Since body types and sizes differ, then there might be need for some fittings in your cloth, So, don’t get all pissed up with your tailor on every fitting exercise, instead; Understand the uniqueness of garment construction and create the time needed for the necessary adjustment.

Bring your Cloth in time

The peculiarity of these season brings a lot of pressure on tailors, so rush services comes with one or two errors and extra charges, But in general, if you need an item for a certain event, then you should always bring it in on time; because as funny as it may sound “tailors determine a great deal of your happiness these time”…So in order to avoid disappointment, always be on time with your cloth.

Tailors are valuable…

So, ensure you get the best from them.

Compliment of the season! 

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