How to Grow and Maintain Your Hair Underneath the Wig

How to Grow and Maintain Your Hair Underneath the Wig-cover

Whether you wear a wig because it is fashionable, budget-friendly or because you are experiencing a hair loss, its important to always remember that; taking care of your own hair when you wear a wig, is the best treatment you can give your hair.

Wearing a wig can be a means for an effective and protective haircare routine, helping you grow thick, long and healthy hair, only when the focus is not on the wig alone, but also on the hair underneath the wig.

Here’s how to grow and maintain your hair underneath a wig;

Choose a protective hairstyle that helps your scalp to breathe underneath the wig.

Though, Wigs can be used to create countless looks almost instantly, that one wouldn’t want to care about how the hair underneath looks. Nevertheless, choosing the style to do with your hair while you ‘wig-out’ is very important. Protective styles like these includes:

  • Plaiting
  • Cornrows
  • Flat twist e.t.c

These styles will naturally leave your hair in a shrunken fro that would allow your scalp breathe and prevent tangling and matting under the wig.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Since wigs these days look natural and can have a long lifespan if used correctly, So can one forget to moisturize the hair underneath it, thus causing breakage, loss of edges and defects from weather condition. However, Using a conditioner, and moisturiser such as castor oil; seals in moisture into the scalp, and strengthens your hair, thereby encouraging growth.

Take note of the netting used to make your wig

Wigs come in different netting and caps to choose from; But, for the purpose of growing and maintaining the hair undeneath, our option of netting must be duely taken note of. Wigs with nylon netting at the bottom allows the hair to breathe and grow, so does mesh and lace wig cap. Whereas, Cotton or nylon wig caps are not very good because they can damage your scalp; thus, hindering hair growth.

Wearing a wig also increases the probability that your scalp will sweat, and the sweat and dirt will be trapped in your hair. So basically, regular hair washing is non-negotiable.

No matter how beautiful and convenient wigs are, we have to try our best not to forget to take care of our hair underneath.

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