How To Know What Fits You

One in every three people struggles to find clothing that fits them well. And “Fit” is one essential factor that says a lot about our outlook, because it tells a lot about if our clothes are too big or too small.

It is important to know that no matter the size and shape of our body, Fit can be achieved via close attention to simple details that are listed below for different kinds of items of clothing…

Fit in Shirts.

For Shirts, there are key areas where “fit” can be considered. Areas like the neck, shoulder, chest, waist, and cuffs. If your two fingers can easily slip through the neck of your shirt when it is buttoned up, then your shirt fits. And a shirt that fits you would sit flat on your chest without leaving a gap space between your buttons. The cuffs of your shirt would also hit directly at the top of your wrist without excessive folds that would alter your elegant look if it fits you.

Fit in Skirts.

Fit in skirts is quite specific because it has a lot to do with our height and body structure. So, when you are able to pinch not more than an inch of fabric at the hips side of your skirt, then it means the skirts fit you. Also, the hem or length of any skirt that would fit should be such that accentuates your body shape and give enough room for sitting and other movement activity effortlessly.

Fit in Pants.

You particularly want to pay attention to the fit of your pants; as any discomfort in these fashion staples could be the most uncomfortable experience anyone might want to have. So to avoid these; when your skin bulges out in your top around your waist region or you have to unbutton your pant anytime you sit; is evidence that your pants don’t fit. Also when your pant has countless numbers of breaks that occur as a result of fold when they come in contact with your shoe, then it is a no-no to fit as pants should often have no breaks but should be long enough to hit your shoes in a classy way.

Fit in Dresses.

Shoulders are the hanger of any dress; meaning fit in dresses starts from here…If it doesn’t fit there, chances are it’s not going to drape properly or hang well on your body.” The next spot you want to check for fit is the bust, waist, and hips; as a proportional alignment of your dress with these body regions will confirm to you that the dress was specifically made for you.

Knowing and wearing what fits you is the key to looking fabulous and confident every day.

You are Beautiful!

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