How to Look Good During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time for feeling joy and happiness owing to the pleasant amazement of having to carry a baby you can call your own… However, the changes in hormones and body shape make a whole lot of women feel that they are not able to make the most of this time; because of the uncertainty that arises due to the inability to dress for their new figure.

So, whether you are well into your pregnancy and it has started to show, or you ain’t anywhere close to the stage, its important for you to prep yourself with adequate knowledge of the four unique pregnancy body types we have, so that you can dress accordingly in order to look and feel your best.

Here are the main pregnancy body types and how you can dress them up.

Pregnancy Body Shape 1: Big All Over

These body shape in pregnancy is discovered when the baby’s weight distributes all over the body, from the limbs to the face and all body angles. It is majorly common to tall and plus-size ladies.

Dressing tip

Soft black fabrics with long lines pattern on them, will help you look thinner and longer, which in turn will get rid of the roundness you’re experiencing. However, if black is not your color, go for natural or dark hues such as khaki, gray or tan, as these have almost the same effect.

Also, you could pair your dark-colored top with delicate jewelry or opt for something that has embroidery detailing on it.
And for your feet, go for low wedges, but stay far away from rounded toe shoes as these will make your legs look bulkier.

Pregnancy Body Shape 2: Small All Over

The second type of body shape during pregnancy is when the midriff is the largest part of the body i.e. the section below the bust and above the waist. It is common to petite ladies.

Dressing tip

Since, the belly is huge here compared to other body part, then, there is need to be on the lookout for clothing that adds dimension to the rest of your body. So, Experiment with graphic prints, skinny jeans, and form-fitted dress in a fun print. And to add curves to your body, opt for maternity tops that have embellishments such as a ruffle or a bow on the side.
Also, slip on a pair of comfy flats and a stopper belt with a brightly colored kimono jacket.

Pregnancy Body Shape 3: Low Pregnancy

These body shape is such that the bump is sitting low on the belly, just above the hips. And, since these kind of pregnancy looks like you are going to deliver any moment, then its important to draw attention to other areas of your body to balance the look.

Dressing tip

Pencil skirts made of denim or other dark fabric will help draw away attention away from the belly.
V- neck tops paired with dangling, chandelier earrings will give you that perfect look regardless of your current condition.

Pregnancy Body Shape 4: High Pregnancy

In this situation, the bust looks like it is a part of the belly because there seem to be no obvious partition between it and the waist. It is commonly found in slim ladies.

Dressing tips

Since the primary goal is to visually separate the bust from the baby, then its either you go for a color-blocked top whose knit has a design that separates the two parts.
But, for a more detailed look, you could buy a skinny belt and adjust it above your bump to visually break your top half from the bottom.
Pair these with funky but comfortable wedges or heels that lengthen your legs.

When you know how to dress for your particular body type, you will start loving and enjoying this very joyous period of your life. So, keep these pointers in mind and celebrate your new-found curves!

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