How to Step Up Your Outfit This Season with Appliqué

Many people I know will love to look their best this season; as it’s the period associated with lots of activities such as parties, dinners and the likes…

And perhaps you are looking for ways to step up the already trendy styles that are everywhere in the media, then it’s time to start looking in the way of “Appliqués”.

Appliqué has been around for just about as long as sewing, but it’s technique was originally limited as a way to repair torn clothing; However, it has now transformed into a unique art-form that adds elegance and beauty to fabrics. It comes majorly as lace or in embroidered form.

Below are few ways you can apply appliqués to your outfit for an effortlessly cool look.

To the Bodice

The bodice is that part of a dress that spans from the neck to the waist. Pairing this part of a dress with appliqué should be done with contrasting color from the dress. For example, A white crepe bodice with a black lace appliqué. This simple combination of colors will look fantastic and be a perfect match for your next party dress. Just ensure you choose a juicy color fabric and pair it with tone-on-tone lace applique on a bodice for an eye-catching outfit.

As a 3D Flower Applique. 

This is one of the most popular, easiest and recent ways of decorating garments now. It involves the process of cutting out flowers from a lace dress and using them as appliqués on any part of a dress… It could often be a small section of the lace or the overall pattern that would be cut out and pasted on a freshly sewn fabric. The aftermath of this effect is always mindblowing; if done neatly.

To the Neckline or Collar Decoration. 

Probably this is one of the best ideas on how to adorn a plain dress or top. With the aid of a lace patch applique, you can establish great opportunities for creativity in your look, as it would set a tone of the kind of shoe and bag to use to give you a dope look.

So, do not restrain your imagination this season, Look good with decorative elements such as beads, sequins, rhinestones or feathers and of course “Appliqué“.

Stay Beautiful!

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