Influence Of Temperament On Your Fashion Sense

While it is a known fact that every person is different and unique and that it is our temperament; which is a set of genetically determined traits that determines our approach and response to our world. Then, understanding how these influences everything we do; from the choices we make, when it comes to fashion to the way we dress is therefore pertinent.

The four basic categories of temperaments we have are:

  • Sanguine
  • Choleric
  • Melancholy
  • Phlegmatic

And the influence this temperament plays on our choice of color and dressing sums up to what we call our “Style Statement“.

So let’s get rolling on the style statements for each temperament.

Sanguine Style Statement.

Sanguines are fun-loving extroverts that are friendly and mostly noisy in nature. While choosing their clothes, their craving to always have their presence felt wherever they go makes them love hot colors like red, yellow, mustard and orange. Sanguines enjoy dressing according to the current fashion trend. So, perhaps you have friends with this temperament; do not overly criticize what they wear, that is who they are – “Hot and Trendy“.

Choleric Style Statement

Cholerics are savvy and analytical people that are extremely logical and straightforward. Thus, making them very practical and hard to predict when it comes to their clothing choices. Any bold color and design that reflects intensity like Black; or any corporate outfits typifies the choleric style statement which can be termed “Corporate and Unique“.

Melancholy Style Statement

Melancholy’s are the most gifted human being. They are self-sacrificing, perfectionists and intelligent people, who are not too friendly but are the most dependable of friends. However, when it comes to their dressing and color preference, their perfectionist nature will never make them dress shabbily under any circumstance making white, purple, pink and silver their colors. Though shy and reserved, their style statement always depicts the word “Simple and Classy“.

Phlegmatic Style Statement

Phlegmatics are calm, easy-going, diplomatic and well-organized people. They are sometimes timid but have a very good sense of humor. They are not attention seekers, so they have a preference for dull colors like blue, green and brown, making their style statement always depict the word “Neat and Comfortable“.

It’s worthy to note that when you become clear on who you want to present yourself as; maybe due to personal branding or any religious belief, then temperamental traits become drastically different no matter the stage of life you are in.

Stay cute!

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