Introduction Dress Style Vs Engagement Dress Style

The introduction ceremony which involves close families relatives of the bride and groom and engagement ceremony which involves not just families and friends but a more symbolic event in the marriage rite is really a big deal in Nigeria, and often bride’s most especially spend plenty of time planning their different looks for these two special days that accompany their wedding.

To find out the perfect and unique attire for your introduction and engagement ceremonies; Then, close attention needs to be paid into some basic principle, because your choice of style is meant to match the weight of the ceremony after all.

Principle 1

Understand what your tribe and culture demands

If you want to make a great impression on your husband or wife -to-be’s family, then your attire for your introduction and engagement ceremony must go inline with what your custom demands. So, It is strongly recommended that for the introduction ceremony, you put on a simple, classy and basic native wears, while for the engagement, you put on a more elegant, unique and beautiful embroidered attire that should be fashionable enough to make a great first impression on the groom’s and bride’s family.

Learn the Art of Incorporating Accessories.

Accessories, such as a stylish pashmina, a chunky necklace, and a classy purse still haven’t stopped adding a serious “wow” factor into what you are wearing. And plus, they’re easy to slip on and off, it means they are capable of adding glamour to the variety of looks that the ceremony’s demands respectively.

Complement Each Other, But Don’t Match.

These unique ceremonies require a whole lot of complimentary outfits since that’s what it’s purpose centers around. However, the measure at which your outfit should match that of your groom’s; varies more in the introduction ceremony than in the engagement ceremony. A matching color tone in the choice of style could be employed at the introduction ceremony while the same color and design can be used by the couple in the engagement ceremony.

Since now’s not the time to pull out a beaded ball gown for the wedding big day, then this style tips mentioned above will not only make the bride and her groom feel comfortable with their choice of style but would also ensure that their outfits do not come out too bourgeois for the purpose of the ceremonies respectively.

So, Take note; so as not to be underdressed or overdressed for your introduction and engagement ceremony.

Stay cute!

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