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Do you know that when it comes to looking good, Knowing your basic body shape is an essential key to note?…
Today, there are so many options to choose from, when it comes to purchasing a cloth from the store; that we pretty forget that our body shape has a lot to do with what will fit us and bring out the true essence of our style.
Figuring out our body shape can seem like a whole lot of task though, especially when we get to categorize the name of the body shapes into a list of fruits that seem a little outdated and cranky…
But really, to analyze our body shape is simply to look at yourself in the mirror while putting on an underwear, and then standing with the legs together and arms a bit away from your sides. Then, you examine the area from under your arms, past your bust and ribcage, over your waist and hips to the fullest part of your thighs; and determine the shape it forms using the apple, pear, banana and hourglass body shape as standards if you are a female and the trapezoid, rectangle, oval and inverted triangle as standards if you are a male.

Below is the description of what the different body shapes look like in both male and female:

For the female body shape, we have:

Banana/ straight body shape:

Here, the bust and hips are basically of the same size, and the waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips.

Pear body shape:

The hips are larger than the bust, and the waist gradually slopes out to the hips.

Hourglass body shape:

The bust and hips have the same size, and the waist is well defined because it is smaller in between.

Apple body shape

The bust is large, the hips are narrow and the waist is not very well defined, because it is the same as the bust.

For the male body shape, we have:

Rectangle body shape:

Here, the chest and the stomach are of the same size.Triangle body shape:
The chest here is usually narrow compared to the stomach that is quite large.

Trapezoid body shape:

The chest here is very broad and with a stomach that considerably defined.

Oval body shape:

Here, the chest and the stomach gives a round figure.

Inverted triangle body shape:

The chest is usually very broad with a very tiny stomach section.

Now, do you agree that human body shape is beautiful? And that whatever body shape you have, it is the ideal one?
Then, follow us next week as we bring you styles that will complement your body shape…
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