Matching Men’s Shoe with the Appropriate Pants

If we know that shoes make the outfit and that our choice of the pant is as important as the style of our shoe, then we’ve got some serious learning to do as guys so that we don’t commit blunders on simple things that we can take note of.

Now, it’s key to know that; not all pants are created equal. Each type of trousers, be it khaki, chinos, dress pants or jeans all need the individual type of shoe that matches well with it.

Depending on the occasion, fit, color or the style of pants, each shoe type is created to uniquely suits them.

Below are a few combination tips

Matching Shoe to Wear With Corporate Pant.

Tailored pants are majorly worn for corporate events, so the trick for determining the right kind of shoe is based on the texture of the trouser. And since, tailored pants are made with fabrics that are quite weighty in texture, then weighty shoes like Brogues, Oxford and other Dress shoes should be considered.

Matching Shoe with Chinos

There seems to be a slight gap between these kinds of trousers and their matching shoes because it seems to be a sort of split between smart and casual; which means they can go with any shoes, yet there is still some preferred choice. Such as sneakers, formal boot or loafers which will provide a crisp and contemporary look always.

Matching Shoes with Jeans

Jeans are the default for most men these days because it seems to find itself around changing trends and style. Shoes that look good on jeans are based on how smart and neat the jeans fabric looks. Chelsea boots, oxford, brogues, trainers, loafers can be worn with jeans to give it it’s a mix of a smart and contemporary look. However, dress shoes are a no-no for jeans.

Matching Shoes with Short

The majority of shorts are inherently casual. So, as a general rule, your shoes should be too. However, that doesn’t mean you should pair your shorts with some very flat palm slippers or sandals. Rather, a touch of class should accompany any shoe we intend to pair with our short because it gets the center of attraction effortlessly…

As much as matching your pants with the right shoes may seem rather confusing than intuitive. It is pertinent for us to be aware of the basic tips necessary in guiding us from commonly made pitfalls because indeed “Knowledge breeds Confidence when it comes to the shoe we step out with”…

Stay Cute!

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Big Sis, I really did learn from this… Thank you so much for consistently teaching these.

Big Sis, I really did learn from this… Thank you so much for consistently teaching these.

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