Matching your Dressing to your Personality

The clothes we wrap our bodies with; has the potential to tell our own personal story, because they portray to the world how we think and feel.
They also reflect our mood and suit our actions; thereby serving as a connection between body and mind.

But, aside from wearing clothes to avoid shame and freezing, an important aspect of our dressing also lies in matching it to our personality.
Who we are on the inside is what our personality projects, while what we wear on the outside is our Dressing.

Here are few tips that will help us match our dressing to our personality.

Tip 1: Get to know yourself

It is essential to understand who we really are and what we love, to be able to match our dressing with our personality. Our values, interests, temperaments, strengths and life goals are essential in this discovery, and we should in our own way interpret it into a style of dressing that portrays it in good light of fashion.

Tip 2: Let it go

Now that we know and feel safe about who we really are, then we should move on to the art of letting go of trends that are trying to label us and put us in a box.

However, while trends can serve as a convenient frame for our attempts to discover our personal style, they should never be regarded as rules we must strictly obey.

So, when you want to wear floral with stripes? Just Go ahead!
“Whenever you feel good and beautiful in something, it shouldn’t be a fashion no-no; as far as it doesn’t contradict the very essence of fashion, which is your dress being for beauty, covering and protection…”

Tip 3: Put that look to test

We oftentimes can’t know if something works for us or not unless we try it out. So, the key is: Put that look to test and don’t be afraid to take risks until you finally find ‘the one’ for you. After all, we all had our different experimental phases while growing up, so maturing into the kind of look that suits our personality shouldn’t be a tough task to handle…

Tip 4: Get inspired by someone else

Inspiration doesn’t mean stealing someone else’s style. Rather, it means that we have the utmost respect for that person and are willing to identify yourself with some of their personality traits simply because we see it match ours. So, look around and find that style icon you love and portrays a similar personality as you, and then create your unique look via getting inspired by them.

In the end, matching your dressing to your personality all comes down to one thing: Trust your instincts. Own your style, Be Authentic, Stay True to Yourself and Embrace Fashion, not as a label, but as a way to express yourself.

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