Modesty is Beautiful

Have you ever had the thought that imbibing modesty in your dressing is boring and unattractive?

Hmmm…You could be true; when basically looking at other people’s view and interpretation of it…But, since Beauty is very subjective at least to everyone’s perception and beliefs, then it means; “the concept of modesty is not purely what others see it as, but what it really is”…

So what then is Modesty, and how do we come to terms that it’s truly Beautiful!

Modesty is the freedom to be creative, comfortable, and accentuate the dignity you have in your inside via clothing that protect you, covers you and beautify you…

The beauty in modesty is projected to you and those who around you when:

It doesn’t take away the expression of your personality but instead; leads to a fuller expression of it via your creativity in your choice of stylish and quality clothing.

What you wear tells someone how valuable you truly are, and whose you are.

What your covering up is only towards your sensitive body part and your revealing is channelled towards your true identity…

When you discover that people’s value and respect for you goes way beyond your body, you will discover and start embracing the beauty of modesty.

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