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What do you think about showing up at an event wearing a full faced makeup, a beaded maxi, an elegant dress or a tuxedo suit with multicolored print bow tie, and then you realized that everyone else at the event is wearing just jeans and a T-shirt…
How would you feel?…

Lots have been said about being underdressed or overdressed to an event!…
Many people stand by the classic advice that when you are overdressed, you look like you tried too hard to come up with your style, whereas some people say its pretty involves the kind of event you are going to; as some involve you looking not too stylish…
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But even at that, it saddens to see that some people do not find it even worth their effort to mark some special occasions by dressing differently than what they would do on a normal day.
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So here comes the check; as to whether you are underdressed or overdressed to an event.

  • Assess the context of the event

    You can do these by taking a look at the invitation of your event, perhaps it says anything about the dress code, location or gives a major clue on the kind of guests that you will be there.
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  • Invest in the best quality of cloth.

    Quality clothing has a way of immediately elevating even the most casual of your outfit without much effort.
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  • Spice up your black outfit.

    You could wear a black dress, shirt or suit with any simple accessory when in doubt of the kind of outfit that won’t involve you looking underdressed or overdressed.
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Finally, Ask yourself if its really an underdressed or overdressed issue, or it is just a confidence problem.
If other people cannot see anything wrong with how you’ve chosen to present yourself and yet you do, then you just need to package yourself more than what you might be wearing.
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Let’s know if at any point you have been underdressed or overdressed to any event. How did you feel and what extra advice do you think would be beneficial?

Greatly anticipate your comments!

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