Power of a dynamic wardrobe

Stand Out Wardrobe

If your wardrobe was a person, and it only worked 30% or less of the time, wouldn’t you fire it? Sure lots of you would!
Asides, having a wooden structure where you keep your clothing items, there are series of tests it must pass through before you can successfully call it a working wardrobe. However, a lot of us don’t have these; because of the less attention we put into it, and these have cost us a whole lot of stress especially when we have occasions, that’s when we begin to focus on getting new things in there, whereas a proper check beforehand would have made us confident regardless of the event ahead of us…
Now, No matter what state your wardrobe is in, you can start to create a working wardrobe by the following tips:

  • Working wardrobes often come from a combination of attitude and practicality. Attitude – meaning that you are focused on the clothing items you already have, and as a result; you want to make the most of it via combining them in new ways, using your accessories to add interest and pop, being experimental and improvising. Also, Practicality – meaning that you have enough of the right kinds of articles you need to do all that playing and experiments.

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  •  Working wardrobes are full of only those clothes you love to wear, that suit your body and your lifestyle, that flatters you, that makes you feel terrific every time you wear them, and that contains all the spice you need to project your positive vibe to the world. No more, no less.

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  • Working wardrobes are usually well organized, they are easy to navigate around, all items have a place, all items fit, and all items are easy to access and see. It looks good, it works smoothly.

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  • Working wardrobes have nothing to do with size and the number of clothing items in your wardrobe. It’s not how many you have, but how well each piece works for you.

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Finally, working wardrobes involves having to part with those clothing items that no longer match your personality… and who knows if they just start up a new working wardrobe for someone else…

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