Practical ways of maintaining and re-using wedding and traditional outfits.

One question that lingers in the mind of many brides is;

What will become of their wedding dress after the ceremony.

Trust me, it’s really worth the question because aside from the fact that the dress is certainly dear to the heart, you wouldn’t want to undermine loads of time inputted into the searching and saving towards that perfect gown and traditional attire.

But Hey, the good news is that many brides have taken a new look at the life of their wedding dress post-ceremony and here is their practical advice:

“Ensure you dry clean and re-use it into making cloth for your babies.”

– Life Oyewunmi

“Re-using a wedding dress depends solely on the style, as the easiest dress to convert is the ball dresses whose flares can be used to make other kinds of dresses .”

– Temibayo

“For my wedding gown, I detached the bodice from the skirt, reduced the skirt and converted it into a short gown and used another white material for the bodice, all because I still wanted it all-white and simple to pass for any event.”

– Grace

“Dry clean within two weeks of wearing, occasionally bring it out to air under the sun, and perhaps you are sentiment free, then you can pass it on via renting, re-selling or giving to a close relative.”

– Mae Odutola

“For the wedding gown, I think the modern trend of being able to attach or detach the train to the white gown makes it re-usable after the ceremony, while for the traditional attire, if it is a lace material, then it can be worn later to any event as you like. “

– Ronke

“Well I think for the traditional outfit (Aso- oke) can be worn again during anniversaries and wedding gown can be sold out again to the person who you got it from.”

– Iteoluwakiisi

“You might want to give your wedding dress to those who can’t afford a new one, while you convert your traditional outfit into a wrapper and blouse, then use the (Aso-oke) for any style of choice for the children when they arrive or for their cultural day in school. “

– Omolola

Finally, I would suggest you make your wedding dress into a work of art. As gowns made with satin, lace, or tulle can be transformed into parlour accessories, like Arm-rest, curtains- shawls or underlays, beautiful evening bags with the dress fabric in a clutch form, as pillows, as bed-spread, or any other dynamic thing your mind can conceive. And you can trust that these beautiful tips will preserve the happiness of your wedding dress and traditional attire from being just for a day but for years to come…

Much love!

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