Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Choosing the Right sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that just about anybody wears; whether it be for protection from sunlight or for some sort of stylish fashion statement. They are available in so many different shapes, colors and styles that it can be difficult to know where to begin the search from.

Not sure which is best for you? …
We’re here to help you figure it out.


Know your Face Shape

Unfortunately, most sunglass retailers don’t offer the experience to help you find the right pair of sunglass, owing to the fact that they ain’t really informed that, there are specific sunglasses for each face shape.

Which we have;


It is easily recognised by its balanced and even features where the chin is slightly narrower compared to the forehead and the cheekbones.


It is characterized by a soft, circular shape, that is; almost the same in length and width, because the cheeks and the forehead are wider with the chin rounded in same proportion.


A heart-shaped face is recognized when the forehead is broad and slopes downwards to a smaller and thinner chin.


People with square-shaped face generally have very well defined face angles; with strong and structured jawline, cheeks and forehead.


These face can be recognised by the narrow jawline and forehead, with the cheekbone being the widest part.


An oblong face is actually rectangular but with longer and narrower length and a few defined angles at the cheeks and jawline.


Choose the right pair of Sunglass

Oval Shaped Face

Any sunglass frame would do the magic.

Round Shaped Face

Square and rectangular frames will look great.

Heart Shaped Face

Narrow and round frames can soften the forehead.

Square Shaped Face

Round and Square frames looks better.

Diamond Shaped Face

Cat-eye glasses and rimless glasses are good options.

Oblong Face

Tall frames that help create a shorter face, or broad frames are advised. 

Remember that, these are just tips in guiding you to always look your best regardless of your gender. Fashion is not rigid; So you could as well play around frames that suits your outfits at anytime

Stay Cute


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