The Correct Names Of Colors

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Are you a makeup artist, fashion designer, interior decorator, painter, or a bride-to-be who is having issues with accurately giving correct names to colors and shades peculiar to your field?…

Then we’ve brought you simple tips that would make naming colors accurately, more relieving, instead of naming them based on colors of items commonly used around us, like Pepper Red, Custard Yellow, Nigerian Green e.t.c; which we will agree will sound unprofessional when used in a setting that demands a showcase of our expertise.

Identification By Names.

In the Old English days, the only colors known were Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green; and have since then being the fundamental colors responsible for the varieties we have now. However, the enormousity peculiar to the vocabulary of words in these era has invented, borrowed, and accumulated so many names in describing almost every color imaginable… The list of names of colors we probably have not heard are shown below:

Identification By Shades.

This has a lot to do with our ability to visually differentiate one color from another lighter shade and hue. A collection of the major color charts which show their respective shades; to serve as a useful reference tool for all the professionals earlier mentioned is also shown below…

Identification By Instinct.

A person’s ability to see an object and be able to tell the correct color name even without previous knowledge of it involves the distinct art of mastery that only experts can do…So for this stage of identification which is the most difficult, the instinct only expresses its own form of unique names to different colors it has held long enough in its memory; which usually is very accurate and good to pass for a new color name in your collection of works.

We don’t need to be the world-renowned creative’s to accurately give correct names to colors, when with the simple tips discussed above; we could identify colors stresslessly in a way that it has a tremendous impact on our businesses.

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