The Fast Growing Fashion Industry

Gone are the days when fashion design which is an aspect of fashion; was that trade for the uneducated girl/boy who needed some skill to get by in life.

Amazingly today, the highly educated are now very much involved in fashion. Thus, leading to the full bloom of the industry expanding to have professional designers, models, modeling agents, tailors, fashion photographers, fashion schools, fashion retailers, fashion journalists/bloggers and so on.

This gave the fashion industry a fast track in the last decade. Its growth has been visible and potent enough in creating a gradual shift from the ready-made fashion into the made-to-measure trend of styles; because we realize that fashion designers have broadened their knowledge and have kicked off the idea of just being called ‘dressmakers’.

And since fashion is a breath of freedom, comfort, style and confidence…its process of recruiting young and creative minds has been way lot easier in creating a hub of talented fashion individuals.

But, despite the successes in present times, one thing is certain; the fashion industry is here to stay and since its being celebrated everywhere in the world, then there is a need for more platforms that showcase and harness the talents of emerging brands, so together we would become a driving force amidst other industries…

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