Tips For Parents Battling With Their Teens Over Sexy Clothes

Moms and Dads have had to constantly confront issues that arise from their teens’ bodies maturing in a sex-saturated society which seems to sexualize them more and more, thereby leading to a distorted perception in the fashion choices of their teens…

So, one nearly daily battle around the home is centered around… “Clothes being too sexy”, “Not appropriate”, ” Too skimpy” and the likes…

Therefore it’s expedient to know as parents that the clothing choices in our teens are one of the few things they can control; because the stage they are, serves as a pedestal to learning how to interpret their own personality via their personal style. So it takes time, and mostly comes with lots of errors than approval, thus, our intervention is key and below are few tips that would help in achieving a result that would be sustainable as they outgrow this phase… 

Tip 1

Help them understand their worth

There is nothing like having a wonderful conversation series with your teens to help them understand what value lies inside of them. Tell them how their choice of the dress makes a statement about who they are on the inside, and attract the kind of people who comes around them. Present these tactfully with no iota of force and you would see they will yield with time.

Tip 2

Ask your Teens Questions

Questions regarding their fashion choices can be helpful in giving you a meaningful clue to help them choose well when it comes to their clothing. For example, Questions like “Who is your style icon?”, “Describe how your favorite celebrities dress?”, “What is your inspiration when you dress?”, “Does your mood affect your dressing” e.t.c…
Note that you can only get informative answers via this method if the relationship between you and your teen is solid

Tip 3

Study them

Before you react too quickly when your teen starts dressing trashy and sexy, it’s a good idea to get inside their head before jumping inside into their closet.
Take enough time to pay attention to their moods, friends, struggles at school, changes that are going on inside them as well as outside. All of these will prompt totally different interventions and conversations that would go a long way.

Tip 4

Get Dads Involved. 

Teens especially girls love the attention of their daddies and sometimes they can get through in ways that moms can’t.

Let’s face it. You and your teen might still have to lock horns about dressing once in a while though, it’s completely normal. but, it’s wise to choose your battles as parents carefully by saving them for big issues like how they treat others and so on because these are far more important and life-changing than a tight-fitting dress after all… 

Love you!

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