Tips to Consider in Choosing your Wedding Suit

People are of the belief that a wedding is all about the bride and her dress…But, we have to say that the groom is right up there, being the big man of the event on his big day, he also would want to stand out by his sense of style too; which is an important factor when it comes to choosing his wedding suit.

Here are some useful tips for any groom who wants to look classy on his big day:

Consider the season of your wedding

Whether your wedding falls during the rainy season or dry season; is an utmost consideration for your choice of suit. A classic suit comes in pieces, which are the two-piece suit and the three-piece suit. The two-piece suit is made up of the suit and trouser; and are best worn for weddings in the dry season, while the three-piece suit is made up of the suit, waistcoat, and the trouser; and are suitable for weddings in the cold season. But, Unless you’re going to wear a tuxedo at your wedding(i.e. a different kind of suit with a contrast color of satin lapel) then waistcoat is essential! Making a three-piece suit the best choice for your wedding.

Accessorize your Suit

Accessories can be just as important as the suit when it comes to injecting some personality into an outfit, so you have to take your time to find the perfect additions and ensure they match your suit. Your choice of tie, belt, pocket square, lapel flower, cuff-links, and shoe are all basic accessory that can add a touch of sophistication to your choice of suit. A decorative cufflink like gold or silver will compliment your suit and silk or satin-made tie with a pocket square will also be cute. Lapel flower with the complementary color of the wedding theme will help give a splash of elegance to your suit.

Choose the Right Color and Pattern for your Suit

Unlike a wedding dress, a quality suit has its applications far beyond the day of the wedding. So, it’s advisable to go for a suit color and pattern that is not just suitable for your wedding alone, but also for other formal events that will come up after your wedding. This suit color and pattern should be simple to match with different shirts, ties, and shoes.

Since, Black has lost its status of an indisputable color for a wedding suit. Thus, giving rise to variety of other versatile colors and shades like charcoal grey, navy blue, light grey, tan and lots more.
So, for the groom who is not afraid to outshine his bride. A well fitted and classic wedding suit that follows all the above consideration will go a long way to depict the groom’s sense of style.

Stay Cute!

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