Trend Forecast in the fashion industry

Fashion is a huge industry that entails changing trends and expression of styles as the year passes by…
So; the need for Trend forecasting; which plays a vital role in predicting the trends that would be embraced in the future.

It is important to know that these forecasting of trends is a collective effort by designers and everyone in the industry, which takes a whole lot of process.

Below are a few process involved in setting up a trend:

Fabric process

Since Fashion starts with fabric, and fabric starts with yarns. Mills and haute fashion houses start prepping themselves with the production of what suit and explains the inspiration behind the new trend gotten, so that in no time there would be lots of it in the malls and market.

Collection process

At these stage, the fabrics produced would be sketched into the style that inspired the trend to be forecasted, so that designers would be able to bring it to life for the models to wear and display on the runway. 

Though, these styles commonly looks outrageous on the runway, it still doesn’t still wipe away the fact that it is an inspiration popping out to create and establish a trend.

Celebrity process

This is when celebrities start to introduce these trend of fashion via their videos, events and the likes, and  because of their influence factor to the society, everyone begins to replicate such trends and “BOOMMMM, the cycle begins.” 

With the knowledge of trend forecast, Designers and Fashion lovers would be able to embrace what Fashion truly represent and stand for, because it would not only bring change to the face of things in the society, but it would also introduce spice and variety in our individual sense of style.


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