Virtual Fashion

As technology improves and the lockdown has been making people start sorting relief via finding it more interesting to live and display more of their lives online; with the increasing use of filters like the cute dog ears, the flower crown on top of the head and other digital effects used to play around images.

There is no better time to introduce the concept of the virtual fashion than now!

Virtual fashion which is also called “Digital Fashion” is the visual representation of fashion staples such as clothing, shoes and accessories e.t.c, built using computer technologies and 3D software.

This is inevitably the next frontier in fashion as it has proven to possess the following potentials that could pave the way for a more sustainable business model in the society we are beginning to have.

Potential 1


Now that the perfect opportunity to approach and get everyone’s attention is becoming virtual, fashion designers will be compelled to get empowered in the 3D artistry, which involves the conversion of sample patterns into 3D models. Thus, creating a less labor-intensive process of sourcing fabrics, sewing garments, and shipping them worldwide.

Potential 2


Nothing beats the excitement of people asking you where you got your clothes from, and you answer saying “It’s digital“…Or the fact that you can order a cloth or accessory online and you supply a photo of yourself, then the same image is sent back to you with your newly purchased cloth or accessory well fitted to your image like you are putting it on for real. Indeed, that feeling that; with virtual fashion, one can wear anything he/she desires with the snap of a finger is more than exciting.

Potential 3


In virtual fashion; houses the intelligent idea of fixing fashion’s very real problem; which is being one of the world’s most damaging industries due to its emission of about 10% of all greenhouse gases and vast amounts of other pollutions. But with these new digital concepts, there’s no material wastage, as our existing clothes could easily be constantly updated to suit any of the posts we intend to put online. Therefore, portraying our clothing more like an art form for social media.

Brands are beginning to design digital clothing, shoes, and accessories, knowing customers will really spend their money on virtual fashion seeing that the lockdown has ignited in us the true possibilities and benefits of technology.

Get informed!
Stay safe.

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